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กแ Accounting Services Application Form (ENGLISH) >KOREAN

Given name Family name
2. (Only for Working Holiday Visa) Length of staying in particular accommodation?
Date of Birth Tax File Number
Date of Arrival Occupation
Date of Departure E-mail
Contact Detail Australia Overseas
TAX RETURN Refund Method
Bank Detail BSB/Bank Name
Account NO
Holder Name
Interest Income Do you have interest income from bank?
If Yes, How much?
SUPER REFUND (Only for Applicant)
Visa expiry date
Super Refund Name Super Refund Name
Member ID# Member ID#
Last Address Last Address
Please Send Payment Summary or Last Payslip to admin@tka.net.au Staff only
1. App No
2. App Date
3. Fee
4. TR

IMPORTANT! I declare that I authorise Thomas Kim & Associates as my registered tax agent to lodge Tax Return & Super refund and I authorise the refund to be deposited to the specified account as above after subtraction of accounting fees. Furthermore, I acknowledge that extra cost may occur due to unexpected circumstance (ATO Audit) or extra procedures required, and I am willing to pay additional charge.

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